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    OptiPerformance is a well-designed product to define and improve an organization's employee performance. It is a performance appraisal system that focuses on evaluating the performance of employee in his role over a given time period. It helps organizations save considerable time automating performance appraisals, career & succession planning, organizational goals, and compensation analysis.

    Following are the major modules of our solution:

Major Modules

  • KPI Management Screenshot

    KPI Management

    Every role has a set of associated responsibilities with it. However, out of these, some responsibilities clearly define the effectiveness of an employee's overall function in that role. These indicative responsibilities are Key Performance Indicators. The HR determines the KPIs associated with each role such that they are aligned to and are directed towards fulfilling the main objectives and goals of the organization itself.

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    Goal Management

    Goals represent concrete end results that an employee must show in a given period. OptiPerformance enables employees and managers to choose from role-based SMART goals where S: specific, M: measurable, A: appropriate, R: realistic, and T: time-bound. More often than not, goals and KPIs are closely coupled. However, it may so happen that a KPI can be supported by multiple goals. For example, a KPI "Number of Units Sold" given to a Divisional Sales Executive can result into goals such as "Increase call capacity to 100 customers per day" as well as "Introduce sturdier packaging to reduce in-transit damage and returns thereof".

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