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A complete solution to manage the most valuable asset of your company, i.e., your talent pool.

OptiTalent System helps you ensure that your most valuable asset, your employees have the right knowledge, skills, and proficiencies to succeed and support the organization's goals. OptiTalent enables your organization to embrace change and align people across the extended enterprise. By embedding learning activities and relevant content into everyday business processes, individuals can effectively achieve critical results that drive profitability.

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Welcome to OptiPerformance!

Performance Management Solutions help organizations save considerable time automating performance appraisals, career & succession planning, organizational goals, and compensation analysis. With a good Performance Management solution, you will know which practices, departments, and employees are most effective in their roles. Employees will benefit from recognition and appreciation that is fair, and from training opportunities for personal development that are specifically targeted.

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Key Benefits

Replacing cumbersome processes with automated performance management systems provide many benefits:

  1. Frequent Performance Appraisals: With OptiTalent, you will be able to conduct enterprise-wide performance appraisal cycles much more frequently than with the manual system
  2. Higher Productivity of HR personnel by way of balancing efforts required for manual value added activities
  3. Better feedback collection from immediate managers
  4. Greater consistency and standardization of appraisals
  5. Easier reporting and analytics that lead to better planned trainings
  6. Configurable goal and KPI definitions that ensure organization-specific effectiveness of system

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